Internships and project-oriented courses

The student’s opportunities for project-oriented courses are stated in the academic regulations. The board of studies is responsible for ensuring that the academic regulations for the Master’s degree programme hold the opportunity for project-oriented courses and for ensuring the quality of these activities. The students are responsible for finding an internship host organisation (with the exception of psychology students) and arrange the internship themselves.

To ensure the quality of the internship and that the students will benefit from it, an internship agreement/contract is prepared and signed by the host organisation. At the end of the internship, the student prepares an internship report or academic assignment, which is assessed at an examination. The requirements for the assignment are stated in the academic regulations. The lecturer must take on the role as internal supervisor in connection with the project-oriented course. The board of studies approves the project-oriented course.

The Aarhus BSS Studies Administration and Aarhus BSS Career offer guidance to students on their options. Aarhus BSS Career manages the AU Job and Project Bank.

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