Teaching evaluation

The purpose of the joint procedure for the evaluation of courses at Aarhus BSS is to create a development tool for lecturers which will increase our shared knowledge and awareness of what best consolidates student learning at Aarhus BSS.

The individual boards of studies establish their own principles for the interim evaluations. All courses are evaluated at the end of the course. The end-of-course evaluation takes place on the basis of a joint, digital questionnaire which is administered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning in accordance with guidelines adopted by the school management team. The evaluation may be conducted in Danish and/or English. The questionnaire for evaluating courses at Aarhus BSS contains a number of mandatory questions: In addition, supplementary questions can be added by the lecturer, the programme board of studies, the directors of studies, etc.

The procedures for the digital course evaluation of full-time degree programmes and FE as well as the evaluation forms can be found here. The procedure also contains a description of how to follow up on the results.


The head of department is informed of the evaluation results and handles any problems involving the teaching staff. The evaluations may be incorporated in connection with SDD dialogues. The Centre for Teaching and Learning councils the directors of studies and the academic environments if there is a need to follow up on the evaluations.

The Vice-dean for Education ensures a uniform evaluation procedure across Aarhus BSS and may request data extracts of key figures at an aggregate level which form the basis for a discussion of the quality of the department’s teaching activities. The results from selected questions from the teaching evaluations are incorporated in the annual status review and in the degree programme evaluations.