About Blackboard

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is what is known as a Learning Management System (LMS), i.e. a system for online course management and e-learning. Like AULA and CampusNet, Blackboard can therefore be used to communicate important information about courses, as well as serving as a repository for course material and a forum for online learning and student activities. Blackboard is to replace both AULA and to some extent CampusNet at Aarhus BSS as from autumn 2013, although BSc and MSc students (in Danish HA and Cand.merc.) will not be switching from CampusNet to Blackboard until February 2014. Students from Department of Business Developement and Technology will be transferred to the new version of Blackboard February 2014. Blackboard will subsequently be rolled out to all departments at AU. After the implementation of Blackboard, it will still be possible to use AULA and CampusNet to access saved documents etc. 

The leading LMS tool in the world
Blackboard is supplied by the American company of the same name, which has head offices in Washington DC and Amsterdam. Blackboard was founded in 1997 and is currently the leading LMS tool in the world, with a global market share of more than 50%. Today, Blackboard is used by more than 9,300 institutions of higher education in over 60 countries, and is setting new standards in the field of education.

The advantages of Blackboard 
Blackboard’s great strength lies in the opportunities it provides for improved online learning as well as teacher/student and student/student collaboration. Blackboard comes with a wide range of tools designed to enhance online learning and students’ preparation for lectures. It also provides teachers with greater insight into their students’ learning and active participation. In the context of teaching large groups, Blackboard supports individual and collective feedback and makes it easier to trace the progress and contributions of each student in much greater detail. Blackboard thus allows teachers to work with their teaching and their students’ learning in a more flexible and varied manner, encompassing both physical classes and online preparation and learning activities.

Blackboard is a strategic choice in relation to AU’s focus on Educational IT, with the goal of reinforcing the internal education market and mobility for both students and teachers internally at AU. It is also intended to act as a tool to boost the individual students’ learning.

Blackboard for teachers and course secretaries

As a teacher, you will find that Blackboard makes it simple to share course material with your students both before and after lectures. It also allows you to divide the students into groups and provide them with different collaborative tools to boost learning and help them work together. Moreover, you can easily access your students’ work, provide feedback, and prepare a variety of tests, surveys and assignments for them. Finally, Blackboard provides a simple way to build up a general overview of your course and keep track of your students.

You will find help and inspiration in our variety of manuals and video tutorials. The Blackboard team offers both written manuals, quick guides and video tutorials - all customized for AU needs and work processes.


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