Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions about Blackboard. The list will be updated and extended continuously. If you do not find the answers you are looking for, please send an e-mail to bss.it@au.dk with your question.

How to login to Blackboard

Open a browser session (at present, preferably Firefox or Chrome)and go to blackboard.au.dk 

Click on the WAYF login link, choose Aarhus University on the list and log on using your WAYF-login which is the same as for mit.au.dk

Why can’t I get access to Blackboard?

If you are a student or staff at Business and Social Sciences you can access Blackboard using your WAYF-login which is the same as for mit.au.dk. In case you have not created an account in mit.au.dk you should do so first. If you are affiliated with other departments at AU, and needs to gain access to Blackboard, you must contact the course responsible in order to become registred to the course.

Login problems in Internet Explorer - allow cookies

The project team is sometimes experiencing problems with login in Internet Explorer. This is often caused by your cookie settings, and can be fixed by allowing cookies.

Below is a step by step guide on how to allow cookies in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Choose "Tools" in the menu
  3. Choose "Internet options"
  4. Click the "Privacy" tab
  5. Click the "Sites" button
  6. Type *.au.dk and aarhus.blackboard.com in the "Address of website" field
  7. Click the "Allow" button
  8. Click OK (twice)
  9. You should be able to login at blackboard.au.dk using your WAYF login.

Where do I find my courses?

The courses you are enrolled in will appear in the Course list on the first page when you log into Blackboard, or you can click on Courses on the horizontal navigation menu. If your course is not on the list, check with AU STUDIES if you have been enrolled correctly in the course in STADS (study administrative system) or – for staff, check if you have been attached to the right course in Syllabus (AU course planning system). You can contact AU STUDIES on: https://studerende.au.dk/en/studies/subject-portals/business-administration/contact/aarhus-bss-student-services-business-administration/

Can I manually set up ad hoc courses for colleagues or students?

If you want to set up courses that are not automatically fed into Blackboard from STADS you must fill in the request formula 

Please note that the project team is working on a solution, that makes it possible to communicate by email or notifications across term or year. Therefore it is not necessary to create such courses. The project team expect to have a solution ready by the start of the semester. 

Can I get my old course material from CampusNet or AULA into Blackboard?

Yes, you may download your old material from CampusNet or AULA as a zip-file that can be loaded into a content area in a BB-course. 

See the manual for basic functionality, page 8 and forward to learn more about export and import of content.

Why do no teachers or students appear in my course?

Teachers affiliated with a course as well as students enrolled in a specific course appear automatically in a course, when these data are correctly and fully entered into the study administrative systems, and have been transferred to Blackboard (at present twice a day). You may manually enroll e.g. colleages to the course as well, see BB guides on bss.au.dk/blackboard

Student will not be given acces to Blackboard until 1. of August. However it is always a good idea to "hide content (hide link)" to contenct that is under construction in your course.

Can I copy my test material from the BB introduction course I participated in earlier?

Yes, you may export your test material to a zip file that can be imported into the “real” BB course subsequently, see how in this instruction

Can I get notifications from my teacher via email or sms?

In order to receive notifications (which notifications will be specified under Settings > Edit Notification Settings) via email you must have stated your email address in the personal information. Go to the Global Navigation Menu in the top right corner of the Blackboard screen and click on Settings. Click on Personal Information and select Edit Personal Information. Type your email account (and mobile phone number) and click Submit.

Find users on your course

Have you experienced that when searching for users at your course, the searchresult returns nothing even though you know that several users are subscribed to your course? It might be caused by the fact, that the searchfield remembers you latest typing. Below you will find an examble on how the problem can arise, and how you will avoid it.

When choosing "Users and groups" --> "Users" you get the opportunity to search for users by "username", "first name", "last name" or "email". You type the choosen name in the searchfield. For examble I chose to search for "First name" "Tina". The search result return with the user "Tina". I leave the current course, and go to search for users at another course.

At the other course I want to see a list of all users and enter "Users" under "Users and groups". At first sight no users appear when choosing "Users". This is though caused by my earlier search on "First name" "Tina" which still is choosen in the search fields. 

Therefore it is important that you always make sure, that the searchfield is empty when you use the search function and wants to see a total list. Alternatively you can choose a categori "username", "first name", "last name", "email" and choose "Not blank" in the following field. This will return a total list of users.

Can I use another username than my CPR-number

When logging on to Blackboard using WAYF, many of our students and staff uses their CPR-number as the username. However the Blackboard team has found out that it´s also possible to use your student registration number as username.

This means, that students with a post.au.dk mail address can use their student registration number as username and combine it with their password to mit.au.dk.

Older students, and lecturers, who are former students, and therefore has an asb-mail address however have to use their CPR-number as username.

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