Make courses unavailable

This functionality is only available for coursesecretaries. Therefore it is only a coursesecretary, who can change the course avaliability. The secretary manager at your institute should be able to identify the course secretaries at your institute. 

Courses in Blackboard are automatically created through STADS integrationservice. All courses are born with three levels (main course, lecture, class) for each course. The picture shows how the three levels are presented in the Course Overview.

Not all institutes are using all three levels, and therefore it is possible for students and course administrators to hide on or more levels. This is done by making a course Unavailable. The project team advices that a course administrator (with course secretary privileges) tjecks the courses before semester start, to make sure that only the relevant courses are available.

This function cannot be confused with the function to hide content (Hide link) When a course is made "Unavalable" the course is no longer shown in the students Blackboard. The student can see all three levels as long as the course secretary hasn´t reduced the number of levels.

Below you can see a short video on how to make a course unavailable.

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