Organizations - communication

Organizations - a communication channel in Blackboard

Earlier in the implementationsproces the departments have asked for a communication channel to the students across courses in Blackboard. Therefore the Blackboard team has introduced a way of communicating from the departsments to the students. It is called organizations and can be found under "Community".

Organizations offers the departments the possibility to communicate to groups of students accross studies. Students are automatically enrolled in several organizations, through which the department can distribute information. These groups are the relevant bachelor or master´s group, a department group, a group for the relevant field of study and finally a BSS group. Also the students can selfenroll into a so-called "year-group", e.g "Psykologi, Bachelor, Årgang 2012".

The departments are responsible to decide how and how much they want to use the communication channel.

The functionality is limited to only course secretaries, and therefore it is only possbile to send out messages if you have the priviliges of a course secretary. A lecturer can enroll in an organization if he og she wishes to follow the communication given to the students.

In the video below you can see how to search through and enroll into a group. The video alså presents how to send a message through the communication channel.

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