Quality in teaching

Aarhus University wants to continuously improve the quality of the teaching and support a fruitful educational environment with the best possible conditions for the students' learning. To ensure the quality of our teaching and developing courses and study programs of the highest level, it is a central element on an ongoing basis to include qualified feedback from the students and get their assessment of the teaching and the course activities course activities.

Common digital course evaluation at Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS decided in 2014 to develop and implement new shared digital evaluation system for course evaluation. This new digital system will be developed and implemented in 2015 and 2016. The development work are, among other things, based on AU report: "The Proposal for the establishment of common goals for teaching evaluation at Aarhus University" (danish only) which recommends an evaluation system, which can contribute with the systematic and practical evaluation of course activities and their effect on the students' learning processes.

Purpose of the common digital course evaluation at Aarhus BSS

  • The evaluation must be an educational instrument, providing valuable information for the lecturers on the course and form the basis for the development of teaching and courses activities.
  • The evaluation must contribute to quality assurance and to provide an opportunity for the provision of selected key figures.
  • The evaluation must in a cost-effective way provide evaluation data from students to teachers, directors of studies and board of studies.

Who are we?

Mustapha Ali El-Ahmad

!!Teamleder, Aarhus BSS IT & digitalisering ¿ Kursusevaluering

Berit Lassesen

Associate professor