Question personalisation with optional evaluation questions

In addition to the standard evaluation questions lectures can add optional questions from a question bank. The question bank is continuously being developed and it is possible for all lecturers to add desired evaluation questions to the bank. 

If you wish to add any questions to the bank, please fill out the form below.

A new  evaluation question are available in bank within about 14 days.

Development of standard evaluation questions and forms

Different evaluation forms are developed to aim at the individual areas within Aarhus BSS. The digital course evaluation at Aarhus BSS covers evaluation within these areas:

  • Course evaluation at Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes,
  • Course evaluation at Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) programmes
  • Course evaluation at MBA and Master degree programmes
  • Supervision evaluation in connection with the the supervision proces for Bachelor- and Master Theses

Common questions for Aarhus University

The standard form for course evaluations at Bachelor and Master's degree programs, includes 3 questions which are common at AU-level and decided by the Education Committee.

Dimensions within the evaluation forms:

The goal is to develop a standard evaluation forms for end-of-course evaluations which provides information on the following dimensions:

  • Balancing expectations
  • Feedback
  • Loyalty among fellow students
  • Structure of the course
  • EDU-IT
  • The lecturer’s communications skills
  • The students’ commitment and participation
  • Overall outcome.

The development of the evaluation questions is built on:

  • existing evaluation forms,
  • experiences from several national and international universities and
  • the report: "The Proposal for the Establishment of Common Goals for Teaching Evaluation at Aarhus University" (Danish only)