Tutorials on how to adapt your course evaluation

1. How to setup your course evaluation in 5 steps at semester start

2. How to setup your course evaluation in 4 steps at semester start for continuing educations

3. Change dates for your course evaluation

4. How to add questions to your course evaluation

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We work with course evaluation at Aarhus BSS:

Katrine Læbo Berner

Member of Administrative Staff

Mustapha Ali El-Ahmad

!!Teamleder, Aarhus BSS IT & digitalisering ¿ Kursusevaluering

Line Krog Heltoft

IT Project Coordinator

Sharing results within a teaching team

Teacher role - what does it mean?

At the beginning of the semester, the course coordinator checks that all teaching staff are linked to the evaluation of the course. The course coordinator have to give the lecturer the right teacher role. Below is a description of what the different roles mean:

  • T = Teacher/Lecturer
  • TA = Small group teacher/Student Instructor
  • T + TA = Someone who teaches at both lectures and small groups.
  • V = Supervisor, if the form of instruction only is supervision. Evaluation forms: Vejledning (D) or HD_seminar.

The different roles are central when the course is evaluated with the form: Standard+Hold(B), which means that both lectures and small group teaching are to be evaluated. Different questions are shown in the questionnaire based on the role teacher role.

Teacher role Questions
  • The teacher [name of teacher] was good at communicating the subject matter
  • Do you have any comments on the communication skills of the teacher?
  • [Name of small group teacher] was good at supporting our learning
  • The classes included relevant learning activities
  • We were given good advice on how to work with the material
  • In my opinion, there was a good atmosphere in the classroom
  • What worked particularly well in the small group teaching and how do you think the small group teaching could be improved?

Evaluation reports - Who gets what?

Below is an example of how the results on the different standard evaluation questions will be sent to various stakeholders. Please note that some board of studies has decided that course coordinators not automatically receives reports with information about small group teachers.

Guide: Collect mails with results from course evaluations in one folder with a rule in Outlook

Right-click a message in your inbox or another email folder and select Create rule.

Select sender and subject that fits your needs. Create a new folder at "select folder".

Click "New" to create a folder.

Give the folder a name.

Click "OK" 

If you want to run the rule on messages you've already received  

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