Here you can find information about antivirus. Aarhus University uses McAfee antivirus. 

How do I know if I got the virus?

Unlike the earliest viruses, where there was no doubt - the machine did not start or files were deleted or renamed, modern viruses are far more sophisticated and make as little fuss as possible.

So it is difficult to know whether your machine is attacked, but if you suspect that it behaves "strangely" (e.g. is inexplicably slow or connects to strange places) and you find that the antivirus program or operating system is not updated, please contact your local IT support as soon as possible so that they can examine your machine. 

Usually, a machine can be "cleaned"; at other times it must be completely reinstalled. It is therefore extremely important that you always have a good backup of unique data on the machine (your own files and settings) so that it is no tragedy if the harddisk needs to be wiped.


From the very beginning, personal computers have been plagued by computer viruses and malware – malicious software that attacks the data on the machine and/or makes the machine do things behind your back.

New viruses and malware attack our computers every day, so you are required to have an effective, updated antivirus program on your computer.

Modern malware is most often developed by criminal organisations, and their goal is almost always to earn money - either by stealing and exploiting data, or by taking over your machine and using it to attack others.