Information security awareness material

It is a task for management to ensure that information security training is carried out in the respective units on a regular basis. Here you can find campaign material from AU's The Information Security Unit about phishing. The material can be used to help to establish a dialogue about information security in your unit.  



How the quiz works

  • The quiz is a social activity made for a staff meeting (e.g. via Teams or Zoom) etc.
  • The quiz will take approx. 15 minutes. 
  • We recommend that you facilitate the quiz yourself or appoint a facilitator who can play the quiz, read the slides out loud and encourage the participants to vote. 
  • The participants must open on their computer or phone and enter the code from slide 2 in the quiz. 
  • The participants are presented with 7 emails. After each email they will be asked whether or not an email is a phishing email or not. They can vote via 

How to get access to the quiz

  • If you have used Mentimeter before, sign in via
  • If you have not used Mentimeter before, go to, type in your AU email address, verify it via the email you receive. Then register with your name and a password.  
  • Choose My presentations and the Shared Templates in the left side menu.
  • Find the quiz 'Can you spot a phishing email?' (NB! The quiz is available in Danish and English).
  • Choose 'Add to my presentations'.
  • Now, you can find the quiz in My presentations.
  • Click the play icon to play the quiz at a staff meeting etc.