Data processing agreement

Disclaimer: The text has not been revised in 2021. A new text is coming. 

Here you can find information about data processing agreements. 

Compliance with the rules concerning the protection of personal data in the cooperation between AU and the data processor must be documented in the data processing agreement. Furthermore, the agreement must ensure that the data subjects, i.e. the persons concerning whom data is processed, achieve the best protection.  

When do I need a data processing agreement?

If persons other than AU employees are required to carry out processing of personal data on behalf of and on the instructions of AU, a data processing agreement must be established with the data processor.

Need help?

Send an email to TTO - to get help with a data processing agreement. 

A template has been made for data processing agreement for IT systems. Contact TTO to request the template. 

Filing of data processing agreements

Signed data processing agreements must be archived at TTO.