Encryption of personal data


Here you can find information on how to encrypt data on your computer or USB flash drives and in your emails.

Encryption of AU computers

If you have an AU computer (Windows or Mac) which was provided to you by your IT support team after 1 March 2018, it is encrypted. This means that all content on the local hard drive is encrypted. An encrypted computer has far better protection of data, including personal data, if you should be so unfortunate as to lose your computer, for example in case of theft. 

AU computers (Windows and Mac) provided before 1 March 2018 will be automatically encrypted when the computer is reinstalled. It is also possible to encrypt an older computer without reinstallation. However, there are some technical requirements for the computer, and you will therefore need to contact your local IT support team if you want to use encryption on an older computer. 

If the computer does not meet these technical requirements, it may be necessary to replace the computer.  


Encrypted USB flash drives

If you need to take sensitive personal data with you on a USB flash drive, your are required to use a flash drive which is encrypted. 

AU recommends that you use a USB flash drive with hardware encryption, as these are typically compatible across operating systems.

An alternative is to use the built-in encryption on your computer (Bitlocker2Go on Windows and Filevault2 on Mac), but this means that the USB flash drive cannot be used when switching between PC/Mac/Linux.

A hardware encrypted USB flash drive is somewhat more expensive than a regular USB flash drive with the same capacity, but is often of a better quality and has a high level of security, as this type of flash drive often deletes itself after a certain number of incorrect login attempts.

Contact your local IT support if you have any questions or want to buy an encrypted USB flash drive. 

Encryption of email

AU IT offers a solution for sending and receiving encrypted and signed emails. 

Read more about secure email.

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