Collaborations with Rambøll

On this page, you can find information about the things you need to be aware of if you are collaborating with Rambøll or if Rambøll is providing services in connection with a research project. 

  • There must be a project agreement/contract/collaboration agreement in place for any project in relation to which Rambøll provides services or collaborates with AU.
  • If Rambøll will be processing personal data on behalf of AU in connection with the project, AU must consider data responsibility and legal authority for the processing of personal data in the particular case.
  • AU and Rambøll have entered into a standard data processing agreement with appendices in which the terms of the agreement have been finalised. However, the appendices must be filled out and signed for each project for which Rambøll acts as data processor.
  • When Rambøll processes data on behalf of AU, AU as the data controller must make sure that the standard data processing agreement and instructions are filled out and sent to Rambøll for approval. Each project must have a signed pdf version of the standard data processing agreement attached as well as the appendices/instructions which must be filled out and signed.
  • The documents must be signed by the division director at Rambøll and the head of department/school responsible for the specific project at AU.
  • The collaboration agreement/contract and the completed data processing agreement should be sent to the Technology Transfer Office ( for approval before it is signed.