Disclosure of personal data

If you are to disclose personal data in the course of your research project, e.g. due to a change in your place of employment, the data disclosure must be approved and registered by Aarhus University in each individual case.    

What you need to do

  1. Obtain a written declaration with grounds from the recipient. View the minimum requirements and find the template for the declaration.
  2. Complete the form on this page (note that there are cases in which the form should not be used - see the information in the right-hand column). 

Remember that the data disclosure must be in accordance with the purpose, and as a general rule, the informants must be notified of the disclosure when the data is collected.    

Skema til videregivelse

Personal data disclosure form
I confirm that the department head has approved disclosure of personal data*
Which type of personal data are you applying to disclose? Please notice that the personal data must, to the widest possible extent, be disclosed in such a way that it is not possible for the recipient to identify the individuals involved*
Confirm by ticking the boxes that the internal data controller/contact person at AU has received a written statement from the receiver that*
Is biological material, e.g. blood samles, disclosed?*
Personal data will be passed on to treatment outside the territorial field of application (e.g. The U.S.)*
The disclosure of personal data is happening with a view to publish information in acknowledged scientific journals etc.*
I confirm that TTO has assessed the legal basis prior to the disclosure of data (if not, you must contact TTO at tto@au.dk before you submit this form)*