Online behaviour

When you use the internet you potentially expose your computer - and data – of risk. Therefore, you must always be vigilant. Even if your machine has fully updated antivirus software, operating system and so on, you still run the risk that the website you visit is infected with malicious code which our systems do not yet know. 

Please be aware of the following when using AU's network: 

  • If you use the connection privately, be considerate towards others. The key phrase is common sense. First and foremost, it must not have an extent that annoys others, and you should never use the University's Internet connection commercially.
  • When you use the university's Internet connection you "appear" out on the web with an identity which represents or can be traced back to the university. Naturally you enjoy complete freedom of speech, but you should not make statements on behalf of University (or appear to be doing so) unless you are authorized to do so and you should not, through your behaviour, bring the University into disrepute. 
  • You may not use the Internet connection for illegal activities. Remember that AU IT logs everything and that they can use these logs to find the identity of people who abuse the Internet connection. Download or other file sharing of pirated software, movies, music and other similar materials is not only criminal, it is also a direct attack on the university's IT security and can result in severe disciplinary sanctions.
  • Remember that even "respectable" sites become infected - typically through the banner ads which funds many websites. So you should exercise common sense when you go online, be careful what you click on.