Updating software

The vast majority of most malicious code (viruses and other malware) use known vulnerabilities in the computer's operating systems and popular applications like office suites and web browsers (or extensions to browsers such as Flash Player, Adobe Reader, etc.). Therefore it is very important to keep all computer devices (including smart phones, etc.) updated. Therefore, activate regular automatic updates on your computer.  here is no excuse for failing to protect your machine. And indeed it is forbidden to connect a machine to the university network if it is not updated with all available patches.


Are updates made for all versions of operating systems, office applications and browsers?

Updates are made for all recent versions, but after a while the manufacturers cease providing updates. If your machine is supplied by AU IT, they will upgrade when necessary. In addition, all staff and students can buy upgrades at very low prices through this page: aarhus.onthehub.com.

Can you get updates for other operating systems than Windows?

Yes. Both Apple's operating system and the various flavours of Linux are updated regularly and there are ways to ensure automatic updates for all of them.

My Windows version is "not official". Can I get updates that address vulnerabilities?

No! You must immediately rectify this. No machine at Aarhus University's network may use licensed software without the proper license being purchased.

The university never condone software piracy. It's theft!