You can choose to join Zoom meetings through the Zoom application or through a browser.

Participation through enables you to attend Zoom meetings even if you do not have the Zoom application installed on your computer.

You can also participate through browser if you have Zoom installed, but unable to use it due to VPN, Citrix or other restrictions.

If you launch a meeting and get a message that your Zoom application needs to be updated before you can join the meeting (and this is at the last minute), you will often be able to switch  and join through browser instead.

Zoom-møde via browser

A: You have an 11-digit meeting number

Open the page https://kbdk.zoom.us/join and insert the meeting number

B: You have a link to the meeting

The link will look like this https://kbdk.zoom.us/j/64302825987, where the 11 digits are the unique number of the meeting.

Click on the link or paste it into the address bar of your browser.

Either method takes you to a Zoom page, where there is an open dialog window.

You need to close the dialogue window by clicking "Cancel".

Do not click "Open Zoom Meetings".

When the dialog window is gone, click on the link "Join from your browser" at the bottom of the page just above the Copyright information.

Do not click on the blue button.

Write your name (will be shown as your participant name in the meeting).

Tick the box ”I'm not a robot”.

Solve the reCAPTCHA and finish by clicking "Verify".

Click the blue button "Join" to proceed to the meeting.

Select "Join with computer audio" so that the speaker and microphone can be used in the meeting immediately. When you click the button, you enter the meeting.

Check your microphone settings, and make sure it is muted until you are ready to join the conversation.