Access to Pure

How to get access

Access to Pure is adminstrated through WAYF. WAYF is a service that makes it possible to use your existing AU login information to log onto Pure.

When you click the Pure Login button you are redirected to AU's WAYF service. Use your AU-ID (e.g. au123456) and the same password you use to log on to

Frequent login issues

1. Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, you can get help at

2. You are not registered in Medarbejderstamkortet

To get access to Pure, you need to be registered in AU's personnel system named "Medarbejderstamkortet". After that takes place, it is possible give you an IT-user account at Aarhus University.

Make sure you are registrered in Medarbejderstamkortet

Try to look up yourself by name on this webpage:

If your name does not come up in your search, likely, it is because you are not registered.

Contact your local superuser to get registered

You can find your local superuser and read more about Medarbejderstamkortet on this page:

Please note, that there may be a day's delay from your get registred in the Medarbejderstamkortet till you are able to log onto Pure.

3. Unknown cause

If you are still not able to log in although you are registred in Medarbejderstamkortet, you are using the correct password, and a day has gone by, you need to contact AU Pure Support at