You can register many different kinds of activities in Pure. Activities supplement the registration of publications and is a way to display other aspects of your research involvement. An activity could be lecturing, speaking for various audiences, participation in societies and events.

In general it is up to you which activities you register in Pure. The organisational unit where you are employed may require that you register certain activites in Pure e.g. speaking at conferences or hosting visitors.


Most activity templates are self-explanatory and easy to use to register activities. A few activities require a little more guidance. See below:

Activity types

Peer-review and editorial work

  • Editor of Research journal
  • Editor of series
  • Editor of unfinished resaerch anthology/collection
  • Peer review of manuscripts

Participation in or organising an event

  • Organisation of or participation in conference
  • Participation in workshop, seminar, course

Talk or presentation

  • Lecture and oral contribution


  • Consultancy


  • Membership in comittee, council, board
  • Membership in research network
  • Membership in board of company or public organisation
  • Membership in review committee

Visitin an external academic institution

  • Visiting an external academic institution

Hosting a visitor

  • Hosting an academic visitor


  • Examination


  • Other