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Local Pure contact persons

Whether you are a researcher or part of the administrative personnel you can get technical help from local contact persons at your department. In most instances they can help you with basic questions about registration of publications and editing your personal profile in Pure.



    Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media

    School of Culture and Society

    • Anthropology, Archaeology and Heritage Studies, History and Classical Studies, Philosophy and History of Ideas, Global Studies: Louise Fischmann  
    • Theology, The Study of Religion, Arab and Islamic Studies, Danish Center of Grundtvig: Birgitte Langkilde

    Danish School of Education (DPU)

    School of Communication and Culture

    • Digital Design, Information Studies, Media Studies, Journalism, English, Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Semiotics, German and Romance Languages: Anne Mette Colding
    • Dramaturgy, Musicology, Art History, Aesthetics and Culture, Museology, Comparative Literature, Rhetoric, Scandinavian Studies and Experience Economy, French: Jette Bohn

    Business and Social Sciences

    Centre for Teaching and Learning (CUL)

    Dean's office

    Department of Business Development and Technology

    Department of Political Science

    Department of Management

    Department of Economy

    Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture (ICOA)

    Department of Law

    Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences


    Department of Biomedicine

    Department of Public Health

    Department of Clinical Medicine

    Department of Dentistry and Oral Health

    Department of Forensic Medicine

    Science and Technology

    Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC)

    DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture

    DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy

    Aarhus University School of Engineering (ASE)

    Department of Agroecology


    Department of Bioscience


    Department of Computer Science


    Department of Physics and Astronomi


    Department of Food Science


    Department of Geoscience


    Department of Animal Science


    Department of Engineering


    Department of Chemistry


    Department of Mathematics


    Department of Environmental Science


    Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

    Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO)

    Steno Museum

    Central Pure Support

    If your local contact person is unable to answer your question, you can contact Pure Support at

    Send an email to Pure Support

    You will receive a confirmation and case number within a short time, and if there are any changes or amendments you can reply in the same case.

    Due to a new spam filter, we can no longer receive emails from domains other than .dk
    If you do not have access to a .dk mail, instead, write directly to a member of the support.

      Members of Pure Support