CV types

You can choose from two CV types in Pure. In addition, you can upload your resume as pdf:

  • Public CV
  • Private CV
  • Upload CV as pdf

Public and private CVs are structured in the same way and both can be downloaded as word or pdf file, but you can not switch between public/private when you have created your resume.
Please note that it is only public CV that may appear on your AU website. Once published, you can find it under the CV tab:

The previous 'Highlighted Content' CV has been moved to the personal profile, you can read more about it here: Profile and homepage

Public/Private CV

Create a new Public or Private CV by pressing the small '+' to the right of Curriculum Vitae. Note that the '+' button is visible only when the mouse pointer is above that content type:

Choose Public or Private CV, and you will be taken to the editor. Here you will see the content types you have the opportunity to add to your CV, you can add / remove them later if you are unsure what you want.
Certain content types appear only if you have created contributions in the specific category.

Types of content

There are three main content types you can add to your Public/Private CV:

  • Personal information
  • Lists of your content from Pure
  • Text

The various options under 'Personal Information' and 'Lists of your content from Pure' retrieve data from other sources from Pure and can be set to either dynamic or static. They are as default dynamic, which means the CV element is automatically updated when you add/remove/change relevant data in Pure.

The text elements are generated exclusively in the CV and must be manually updated as appropriate.

Read more about the individual content types in the box below:

Content types in detail

Personal information

  • Your personal profile from Pure -  profile data or master data is your institution's address, contact details, job title and profile picture. Apart from the image, contact your local Medarbejderstamkortet Super User to change your master data . Find your local super user here (in danish only).
    If you only wish to change to the data in your CV, you can switch the element to static using the edit button and change it.
  • Profile information - profile information is a free text field that you can find under 'Edit Profile ...' from your personal page in Pure. The text in the field appears only in the CV. If you want to recycle the same text in CV and on your profile, it may be faster to copy + paste from this field than using the text fields described below. There are expanded formatting options in this text field compared to those you add directly to the CV.
  • List of your qualifications -  if you have added content under the field: "Education/Academic Qualifications)" in your profile, they will be shown here.
  • List of your employments - it adds all the AU employments you have attached to your Pure Profile to the CV. However, there may be a problem back in time when the system has closed and opened the same position several times.
    If you have added external appointments to your profile, they will also be included in this list .

Lists of your content from Pure

  • You can retrieve all types of content you have contributions to: Publications, activities, projects, prices and press / media.
  • You can, via the edit button, set up filters on the dynamic lists, if you, for instance, only want to add your peer reviewed articles to the list of publications.
  • By default, the lists are set to be dynamic, if you change them to static to change specific content, you will need to manually update them - and if you change them back to dynamic, your manual fixes will be overwritten.


  • Heading - gives you the possibility to insert a heading with a larger font size.
  • Text section - empty text element, which gives you basic formatting options (bold and italics) and special characters (i.e. greek letters, mathematical symbols and currency symbols etc.). It is not possible to make bullet points, indentations or similar formatting. If you copy+pastes a text from Word, you will lose any advanced formatting.
  • Periodic list - text element with two columns typically used for employment, education and other period-based lists.
    If you want to use the left column for info other than year, please note that the result on the AU website can look a little strange due to formatting.

Once you have chosen your desired content types, you can move them up and down in your CV by using the arrows. Remove them with the x or make content changes by pressing 'Edit'.

Please note that the buttons are only visible to the item on which you have the mouse pointer.

Add new section

Place the mouse pointer between to elements, then you get the option to 'Add section'.

Content types that extract data from Pure (Profile data, Pure content lists) can not be added more than once, but you will be able to add additional text sections.

When you add a new content item this way, you will immediately be taken to the item's 'edit' feature.

Edit content

Click the 'Edit' button next to the text element and you will be able to add a translation of the field's contents.

If you click 'Edit' on an element that retrieves data from Pure, a new window opens with different options.
For example, in 'List of Publications' you will be able to change the heading, add filters, change the display format and make the list either Dynamic or Static:


Your CV will be automatically created for both your Danish and English pages. If you do not fill in either the English or Danish fields in the CV, it will simply transfer the text from the field you have filled in to both of your websites.

Publish and save

When you are satisfied with your CV, remember to save.

If you have made a public CV and want it to be shown on your personal website, you have to tick the little 'Publish' box:

Upload CV as pdf

AU IT has developed a service that allows employees to upload their CV to an AU server and link to the file from their personal website.

It's only possible to upload .pdf files to this service.

Go to and log in through WAYF with your AU-ID and the password you would also use for Pure. You will then be directed to this site:

Click the grey area to browse your computer for your CV or drag and drop the file directly onto the grey area.

Click 'Copy URL' after which you will get a confirmation that the URL has been copied to the clipboard:

Your file and the three options: 'Open file', 'Copy URL' and 'Remove file' will be there the next time you log onto - that way you can easily get the URL again.

If you wish to update your CV, remove the old file and upload a new file with the exact same file name - doing it this way ensures you don't have to fix links that points to the CV.

To add a link to your CV from your personal website you have to login to Pure and click the 'Edit profile...' button:

In the profile editor under 'Curriculum and research description' click the 'Add profile information' button and choose one of the four types from the dropdown menu:

The different types decides where on your website the link is displayed.

  • Curriculum Vitae is displayed in the 'CV' tab, but require additional steps (see further down)
  • Further information is shown in its own tab, but unlike CV doesn't require additional steps (the heading on the tab can't be changed)
  • Research and education information is displayed right under your master data on the overview page.
  • Profile is displayed on the overview page under the heading 'Profile' (the heading can't be changed)

Read more about the different text elements on Editing your personal homepage.

Write the text you wish to be shown on your webpage, mark the text and click the 'Insert/edit link' button and insert the URL you got from

Remember to do it for both your danish and english page and click update:

If you choose 'Curriculum Vitae' from the dropdown menu, it does require further steps before the link is displayed on the CV tab on your personal webpage.

Add a public CV by clicking the little '+' to the right of Curriculum Vitae:

Click Public CV and you will be directed to the editor. Here you will be shown the types of content you can add to the CV, make sure you choose 'Profile information':

If the list doesn't appear when you open the CV, click the 'Add section' button.
Read more about the other content types and editing of Public CVs in Pure further up on this page.

Remember to tick the 'Publish' box and click save.