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Registration and login


To get access to PURE at Aarhus University you need to be registered in AUs system 'Medarbejderstamkortet'.

You can check if you are registered by searching for your own name at :

If you are not registered in Medarbejderstamkortet, please contact your departments administration.
Read more about Medarbejderstamkortet and find your local superuser at: (only in danish)

Be aware that it takes a day from the time you are registered in Medarbejderstamkortet before you can login to Pure.

Problems logging in?

You login to Pure using your AU-ID (e.g. au123456) and the same password as you would use for If you have forgotten your password, there'll be a helpful link at the wayf login page:

If you can't login to Pure even if you are registered in Medarbejderstamkortet and are using the correct password, please contact the Pure support at

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