Quick Submit

What is Quick Submit?

Quick Submit is a way to submit publications to Pure without filling out the mandatory data fields that are required to create a publication in the system.

As researcher you may lack the time or routine in using Pure why you may use Quick Submit to submit publications. A Pure editor will subsequently finish the registration.

As Pure editor you may be responsible for monitoring Pure for publications submitted through Quick Submit and for getting these imported into the system and completing the registration.

Guideline for using Quick Submit

Before you start . . .

Maybe your co-author or a helpful colleague has already registered the publication you are about to submit to Pure.

Before you use Quick Submit you need to make sure that the publication is not already in the system. You do this in the following manner:

Log on to Pure

Click the "Research Outputs" in the left menu. This gives you a page with a search field at the top.

Remove the filter "My content" by clicking the grey X on the left-hand side of the button. That gives you the ability to search all publications - not just the ones you can edit.

Enter part of the publication title and click

If the publication is in Pure already, you should make sure it has been registered correctly. If it is not found you may proceed with the Quick Submit process.

How to get started

Log on to or open Pure. Click the green button "Add new" in the top right corner.

This opens the Quick Submit form (See figure below).

If the form is not visible right away click "Research outputs" in the left-hand menu and then "Quick submit" in the submenu.

Complete the form

Open the document file for the publication that you want registered in Pure. Fill out the field in the form as described. Study the example below as well.


Copy the publication title from the document file and paste it into "Title"


Add notes to the "Notes" filed if the publication does not contain sufficient information about co-authors, publications, conferences, books, (expected) publication date and all other information that an editor needs to register the publication correctly.


You can upload the actual document by dragging the file and dropping it into the "Documents" field. You can also click "browse" and navigate to the file location.

After you have added the document click on "Show" to make sure that it is the correct document. You can remove the document file by clicking the round button with the minus located to the right of "Show" if you have chosen the wrong file.

Important regarding the document file

The document file is only there to provide correct data for the registration process.

Normally, the document is not uploaded to Pure and published unless special permission has been given by the publisher.

There are two instances where the file is uploaded to and published through Pure:

  • it is an accepted manuscript and you have permission to publish
  • it is a publicaiton where Open Access publishing permission has been obtained

Write a comment in the Notes field if the file can be uploaded and published, and state the terms.

Read more about Open Access.


Click Send when you have filled out the form.

You will get a confirmation message in a window.

You can see your "pending" publication on your personal page in Pure.

Close the window to end the process.

Guideline for finishing publications from Quick Submit

You find the publications in a special import list in Pure that is only visible for editors.

If you receive publications from others in various ways e.g. in an email, the best process is to create the publication record directly in Pure. You may use Quick Submit to gather files you have received so they are ready for processing, at a later time, when you are ready. Guideline for completing the registration of publications submitted through Quick Submit.

Find the publications (Import candidates)

You find the publication that are submitted through Quick Submit under the "Editor" tab, "Publication" menu item and subitem "Organisations with import candidates". This is a preset filter. In the example below (the image) there are 10 publications on the import list.

If you do not see the subitem in the menu it may be that you do not have the right permission. Please write pure@au.dk to resolve the issue.

Review the import list

Publications are grouped by organizational units. Depending on how many units you are editor for you will see one or more units listed.

In the column "Publications uploaded by persons" there is a number in a grey circle. The number shows how many publications are waiting to be imported for that particular organizational unit. Click on the grey circle to see the list of publications.

The import list looks like this

Check for duplicates

If there is a pink square "View possible duplicates" next to a file on the list it means that Pure has identified one or more possible duplicates of the file you are about to import.

It is important that you check for duplicates before you proceed with the import task. Click the pink square to view the list of possible duplicates (pop-up window).

In the example below the publication has already been registered in Pure. When the publication is already in the system you only need to review and maybe modify/add data for the existing record. Click on the publication title to go directly to the record.

Import publications

If the publication is not already in Pure you have to create it in the system. It is an advantage to import the publication from one of the online sources e.g. Scopus or PubMed instead of creating it from scratch. Search for the publication in the online sources before you use the Quick Submit import.

If the publication cannot be found in the online sources you start the Quick Submit import by clicking "Import".

Match author and organization

Pure will suggest matching values for author and associated organization based on what is already in the system. Review the suggestions and select the person and organizational unit that match the information in the published publication.

Please be aware, that the person who submitted the publication e.g. an administrative person at a faculty, using Quick Submit, is registered as author in the import process. If the person in the dialogue window is not the author remove the person from the match dialogue by clicking on the "minus" on the far right. If you do not remove the person at this point, you have to do it after the publication has been imported.

When you have matched author and organizational unit, and made sure that the box for the attachment is unchecked, click "import and review" to start the creation and registration process.

The attached file

The attached file is only to support the verification of data. Due to copy-right restrictions the attachment is NOT uploaded to Pure as part of the import process. Only if the file is an accepted manuscript, and you have the author's permission, you can upload and publish the file. Contact the author if you are in doubt. All attached publications are discarded after the import and registration process.

Create publication record in Pure

Select the correct template to get started. Then, fill in the necessary data. Last step is to set the workflow status e.g. "Ready for validation" and save the record.

When not to use Quick Submit

If you need your publications to show on your personal page right away you should not use Quick Submit. Instead create the publications directly in Pure using one of the other methods (see fig. below).

Publications entered into Pure though Quick Submit are not visible in Pure or on your personal page until an editor has registred them in Pure. You can only see (not access or edit) the publications in a status overview on your personal page (see fig. below).

Contact AU Pure Support pure@au.dk if you have questions.