E-pub ahead of print

E-pub ahead of print is the publication status you must select when a publication is published first online, for release, at a later date, in its final version as print and/or digital format.

You can identify an e-pub ahead of print when it lies on the journal's website and has not yet received volume, issue and page numbers. E-pub ahead of print can be called many different things, for example, "Online first", "Latest articles" etc. Below, you can see an example of how an e-pub ahead of print might look:

When you register your publication as e-pub ahead of print, you cannot submit the publication for approval, as only publications that have the status 'released' can be sent for approval.

It is important that you keep an eye on your e-pub ahead of print registrations and that you remember to update them and correct them when they are finally released along with year, volume, issue and page numbers. Only then is the publication finally published, with the required finalised data, and can thus be forwarded for approval and validation.