External publication (reg)

External publications are publication submissions registered in AU-PURE, which should not be credited to Aarhus University, but should appear in the AU-researcher profile. A publication can be

  • Absolutely external, i.e., all authors of the publication have AU-external affiliations. Such a publication will appear on the relevant author’s (AU researchers) profile, but will not count towards the BFI, AU’s key figures or annual reports and the publication will not be validated.
  • Partially external, i.e., one or more of the authors of the publication are AU-internal with an AU-internal affiliation, while one or more authors (AU researchers) of the same publication have AU-external affiliations. Such a publication will appear on all the authors’ (AU researchers) profiles as well as counting towards AU’s key figures and annual reports. The publication will contribute BFI points according to the rules that apply here.

Under all circumstances, an AU researcher should be able to display their external publications on their personal web page.

External publications can be registered in PURE in two main ways:

Import from another university (contact pure@au.dk)

Registration of new external publication

  • Available already in PURE
  • Not available in PURE

Registration of new external publication

First check if the publication is already available in PURE!

Remove the check mark under 'My Content', so you can search in all publications in PURE:


NOTE. It is not enough to search for PubMed ID (PMID) or assume that a new import from PubMed or other external database will catch duplicates. This is not the case, as duplicates registered by other means (e.g. manually) are not automatically identified. Search instead, for example, on the title and author's name. 


Always remember to check for duplicates, which you will be notified about via this 'warning'

1. If the publication is already available in PURE

• Search for the publication

• Then follow points 3A-E below.

NOTE. If you are unable to edit, please contact pure@au.dk.

You must NOT create the publication again!

2. If the publication does not exist in PURE, then either:

  • Select 'Add new item' -> 'publication', choose type, such as book, and fill in all fields as usual, or
  • Import from an external database (e.g. PubMed or Scopus) and check as usual

NOTE. Remember to note (see above), if any duplicates appear!

• Then follow points 3A-E below.

3. Procedure

Under 'Authors and affiliations' (see illustration below) select:

A. 'Edit' next to the relevant internal person/people. (1)


B. Next, deselect internal organizations, and click the 'Add affiliation with external organization'. (2)


C. Search for (or 'Create external organization') and select (or fill out the relevant fields) the organization. If you do not have a name for the external organization you can, for example, choose to write 'External organization'). (3)


D. Update (4)


E. Repeat for any additional authors and 'Save'.

NOTE. If an affiliation is not added to an internal person, an (unspecified) AU-affiliation will be assumed and thus count in the author's contribution to the BFI points, key figures and annual reports.