Submission workflow

On September 20th, the submission process is changed from a 4-step workflow to a 3-step workflow. The simplified workflow reflects the way most publications are submitted in Pure.

Since publication data is verified during the validation process it is not necessary to have an approval process. Therefore, the steps “For approval” and “Approved” are removed from the submission workflow.

Going forward, publications move directly to “For validation” when researchers and editors have completed the submission data.

Entry in progress

The publication is registered but publication data is incomplete. The publication status can be any status including “Published”.

For validation

The workflow status is set to “For validation” when the publication data is complete and ready for the Pure team to validate the information.

The publication has to be published in its final version, and technically the publishing status set to “Published” before this workflow status can be selected.


The publication data has been validated by the Pure team and the submission process is complete.