Coversheet for Open Access registration

Coversheet for Open Access registration

By self-archiving / parallel publishing of a publication (green open access), it is often the post-print version, also known as 'accepted manuscript' that must be made available. 'Accepted manuscript' is the researcher's own version, which is assumed and ready for publication, ie after peer review and the author's insertion of corrections and additions.

To ensure correct citation of the final version and to specify rights ifm. The publication of the post-print version has AU Library prepared a cover sheet template for use by Aarhus University researchers and PURE validators.

  • The template is available in Word format to ensure flexibility.
  • The template is based on self-archiving / parallel publishing of a post-print. You can not use it for 'submitted manuscript' or the publisher's own version.

To use the template:

  1. Download the template and open it in Word.
  2. Delete the italicized text [...] in the 'How to cite this publication' field. Instead, type the reference to the publisher's own version.

AU Library recommends using the APA standard for the reference. If the journal requires a different format, this is used in place

Download a reference from PURE

You can download the reference from PURE as follows:

  • Open your publication in PURE
  • Click 'Display' in the publication editor's left side:
  • Click 'Formats' at the top of the publication editor :
  • Scroll down to ’APA format’ and click ’Download’.
  • Open the downloaded file and copy-paste reference to the cover sheet. Please note that any formatting that is part of default format disappears in the download process.

3. Delete the italicized text [...] in the fields under 'Publication metadata.' Instead, type the relevant information in the fields. The text in the 'Document version' field can not be changed.

  1. Save the filled template as PDF.
  2. Combine the cover sheet with the post-print version as a single PDF file .