ORCID and Pure

Through the ORCID organisation, you can get a personal identification number, which uniquely identifies you as a researcher. Your ORCID iD is permanent and can be used throughout your research career.

In addition to identifying yourself, you can also use ORCID to gather your publications and research activities in one place, including the content you have registered in Pure.

ORCID logo. Connecting research and researchers

Create ORCID iD from your Pure profile

If you do not have an ORCID iD, you can create one from your profile in Pure. This way, your profiles in Pure and ORCID respectively are linked together in one workflow.

Start by logging in to Pure. From your profile overview, click on "Edit profile".

Pure snapshot. Link to edit profile

In the first section "Personal Identification" you will see the button "Create or Connect your ORCID ID". Press the button.

You will get a window with information about exchanging content between Pure and ORCID. Click "Proceed" to go to ORCID's registration page.

  • Link to connecting ORCID ID
  • Text box with information about transfer from Pure to ORCID. Button saying Deny. Button saying Authorize

Fill out the registration form. At the same time, you must choose who can see your ORCID content and to what extent you want to receive information. End the process by clicking on "Register".

I you already have an ORCID profile, simply sign in.

If you are not sure whether you already an an ORCID ID, you can search for your own name at www.orcid.org.

ORCID registration form

Connect and authorise synchronisation

When you have completed the registration or signed in, you will see an information window. Below the window there are buttons to authorize or deny that Pure, Aarhus University, sends updates to your ORCID profile. This means that your content in Pure is synchronised to your ORCID profile.

Click "Authorize" to grant the authorisation. This connects your ORCID profile to Pure and activates the synchronisation.

autorisering af synkronisering

You are automatically sent back to your profile in Pure with the message that your ORCID iD has been added to your profile.

Remember to click on "Save" at the bottom of the page to save the change to your profile.

Confirmation ORCID is connected to Pure

After you have authorised the synchronisation, your content in Pure is automatically synchronised with your ORCID profile once a day (approximately at 6:00 AM). If you need to synchronise your content right way, see how to in the section "Synchronise content in Pure manually".

It is not possible to only synchronise selected content. The synchronisation from Pure to ORCID is "all or nothing".

In Pure, you can see whether the synchronization is active if a synch symbol is shown next to your ORCID iD in your profile editor (click on "Edit profile" from the profile overview). 

Symbol for active synchronization

Synchronise content in Pure manually

If you need new content in Pure to be displayed on your ORCID profile immediately, you can click on "Export" next to your ORCID iD in your profile editor.

Button to synchronize immediately to ORCID

Stop synchonisation to ORCID

You control and authorise the synchronization from Pure to ORCID from your ORCID profile.

If you want to stop the synchronization from Pure, go to your ORCID profile under “Account settings” and delete Aarhus University under “Trusted organizations”.

Deleting your ORCID iD from your Pure profile is not enough. This only removes your ORCID iD from your personal AU website.

Shapshot from ORCID. List of trusted organisations

Display of ORCID iD in Pure

When you have an ORCID iD, and have connected it to Pure, the link to your ORCID profile will be visible in your profile overview and on your personal AU website.

If you want to remove your ORCID iD from your Pure profile, click on the minus sign to the left of your ORCID iD in the profile editor.

If you wish to stop the synchronisation from Pure to your ORCID profile, you need to do this from your ORCID profile. See this sections for details.

  • Pure shapshot. Button to remove ORCID ID
  • Display of ORCID ID on personal homepage