When you modify a publication that has been validated by the AU Pure team the publication is automatically flagged for revalidation. Revalidation means that an AU Pure validator revisits the record to make sure it still meets all quality standards.

Even though it is possible to correct your registration errors in Pure, we encourage you to be diligent and fill in complete and correct information before submitting the publication the first time around.

Understand Revalidation

When you save changes to a publication that has status "Validated" you initiate the revalidation process. Revalidation means that an AU Pure validator revisits the publication record to make sure it still meets our quality standards.

When save your edits by clicking "Save" the workflow status for the publication changes automatically to "For revalidation".

You can edit and save changes as many times as you wish, but you cannot change the workflow status to "For revalidation" or revert to "Validated" manually after it has changed to this status.

In the publication list view the publication has been flagged with "Revalidate".

The publication will remain as "For revalidation" untill the Pure team has revalidated your changes. Most changes are approved. When the revalidation process is complete, the validator changes the status to "Validated".

When the publication has been revalidated the flag disappears and status is back to "Validated.

You are not notified that your publication has been revalidated.

Please note:

  • Revalidation takes place without notifications to users to avoid unnecessary noise. Therefore, you are not notified when AU Pure team has revalidated your publication.
  • Some corrections are rejected, but for a good reason, and you may not be notified. However, the majority of corrections are accepted.
  • You are unable to see whether a publication with the status "Validated" has been validated initially or whether it has gone through a revalidation process.
  • Even a small correction like changing a letter from lower to upper case in the publication title triggers revalidation. However, that should not prevent you from making any necessary correction.
  • Publications with status "For revalidation" are included in reports the same way as publications with the status "Validated".

Changes that trigger revalidation

Changes to the following fields trigger revalidation:

  • Publication status
  • Publication date (month, day or year)
  • Submission year
  • Title (Publication title in original language)
  • Subtitle (Publication subtitle in original language)
  • Number of pages
  • Contributors (Authors and editors) - add/remove
  • Contributors’ (Authors and editors) affiliations with organizations
  • Marking a "Corresponding author"
  • Managing organizational unit (of the publication)
  • Publisher
  • Journal
  • Volume/Issue
  • ISBN (print) version
  • ISBN (online) version
  • Links (DOI, other links)
  • Main research area