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2021.01.22 | IT-systemer, News

WAYF-related login issues with older browsers

If WAYF returns a "cookie error" you may have to upgrade your browser.

2021.01.22 | News

Pure and GDPR

Fundamentally, Pure does not display sensitive information. But what about the content that you are able to add to your personal homepage yourself?

2021.01.04 | News

Submission deadline January 15th 2021

A reminder that deadline for submitting publications published in 2020 is January 15th.

2020.12.21 | IT-systemer

New look for Sherpa Romeo information

Colors have disappeared from Sherpa Romeo. However, the information is better organised and easy to comprehend.

2020.12.16 | IT-systemer

pure@au.dk is available again

After two weeks of lock-out we have access to our support system again. Please use pure@au.dk to contact the AU Pure support.

2020.12.14 | IT-systemer

No access to Pure Wednesday 8:30am - 11:00am

We update Pure on Wednesday December 16th. While we are working, it will not be possible to access the system.

2020.12.01 | News

Replies to support cases delayed

At the moment, we are unable to reply to request sent to pure@au.dk on or after November 30th, as we cannot access our case management system.

2020.11.24 | News

Error when importing from Web of Science

When searching Web of Science (WOS) from Pure you will get an error message that the request ceiling has been reached.

2020.10.16 | IT-systemer, News

Media and press clip

Display error has been fixed so link to source is now visible.

2020.08.31 | IT-systemer

IT maintenance at AU this weekend

Pure is running, but our homepage is impacted.

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