Change to submission workflow

On September 20th the submission workflow will change from a 4-step workflow to a 3-step workflow.

2019.09.13 | Camilla Dissing

As part of the central validation concept, the submission process in Pure will change from a 4-step workflow to a 3-step workflow. The simplified workflow reflects the way most publications are submitted in Pure.

It is not necessary to have approval steps as publication information is verified during the validation process. Therefore, the steps “For approval” and “Approved” are removed from the submission workflow. Going forward, publications go directly to “For validation” when researchers and editors have completed the submission data.

Pure will be unavailable from 12:00 noon Friday September 20th till 3:00pm Saturday September 21st, 2019 at while the changes are implemented. System status information will be available at AU ServiceInfo The will be an announcement on the Pure webpage with a reference to a guideline in the new workflow when the work has been completed.

A consequence of the changes is that users with the role of “Editor of research ouput” will lose access to dashboards that they might have in Pure. Affected users will see a message regarding this matter the next time they log into Pure.

A guideline for the new workflow can be found here.