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Make the most out of your Pure content with a curriculum vitae

There are many ways to utilise the CV-module in Pure. But are you making the most out of it?

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Your personal AU homepage is a super easy way to showcase your work as a researcher and lecturer. But are you using it optimally?

Content you register in Pure will automatically appear on your personal homepage. The most recently registered publications, activities, press/media are shown, and gives a current image and impression. This may be sufficient for some.

But you can also take it a step further and tailor a public CV and highlight specific content. This may be publications that cover a particular research area or are peer-reviewed. It may also be specific activities, press/media and your personal information. In addition, you can insert headings and text fields and work with the formatting so that the content is presented nicely.

The standard setup is that content is updated dynamically. This way your CV will be updated with new content that matches the criteria you have set up. You can choose make sections static and update them manually. There are many possibilities.

You can read more in the CV construction guide. We are also happy to help you with setting up a CV. Write to support pure@au.dk to set up a time.