How to check Pure operational status

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Start by checking the Pure homepage if you experience problems with Pure.

2020.08.19 | Camilla Dissing

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We monitor Pure continuously, and luckily it is rare that something is wrong.

If you experience errors or problems with the system, you should first and foremost check our Pure website. We always post a status-notification message if there are operational disruptions we are familiar with – acure as will as planned.

In addition to a status message, the login button also changes colour. If it is yellow, you can log in, but you should be aware of the problems described in the status notification. If it is red, it is because we have blocked access to Pure, and you cannot log on to the system.

As an example, a couple of our periodic jobs, which normally run unnoticed in the background, went "bonkers" at the beginning of August. It brought Pure to its knees and it ran extremely slowly. During this event, the login button was yellow until we had finished the reset process required to get Pure running normally again.

Also, you should check AU's service information for operating announcements and the "Known issues in Pure" page. If you still can't find an explanation as to why Pure does not behave normally, please write to us at

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