Pure and GDPR

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Fundamentally, Pure does not display sensitive information. But what about the content that you are able to add to your personal homepage yourself?

2021.01.22 | Camilla Dissing

Pure does not display sensitive personal data. Information such as name, work address, work telephone number, and organizational affiliation is synchronized to Pure from Medarbejderstamkortet, and shown on your personal AU website. This information is considered ordinary personal information and is not sensitive.

It is voluntary for AU employees to have a profile picture on their personal AU website. Hence, it is voluntary to upload a profile picture to Pure. When you upload your profile picture to Pure, your consent to publish the picture is implied. If you do not want your picture on the website, you simply do not upload one to Pure.

You should never publish a CV that contains sensitive personal information. If you use the opportunity to upload a CV as a pdf-file to Pure, you must pay special attention to the content in document, and decide whether it is appropriate to publish it on a website that is available to the public. If you use the built-in CV module in Pure, you have the option to create a private CV that is available only to you.

Publication information and metadata are usually freely available information (disregarding subscriptions and payment walls).

Pure is currently not a repository for data sets that have been used in a research project. If you need advice on how to handle research data sets, you may contact your faculty.