Quick Submit will retire

The feature has proved to be a technically poor solution without any real benefits.

2021.03.25 | Camilla Dissing

When the submission method "Quick Submit" was launched August 2019 it was intended to be a help to those users who lacked the skills to submit publications i Pure in the usual way.

We have since discovered that Quick Submit is technically not integrated with the rest of Pure. The feature lacks critical administrative tools such as workflow, filters, and reporting capabilities. This makes it difficult for AU Pure to monitor and manage the task associated with Quick Submit.

Therefore, it has been decided to close down the feature effective 31 March 2021. Publications that have already been submitted for validation through Quick Submit will be handled before closure. If you submit publications shortly before deadline, we may not be able to process them before they disappear with the feature. "Disappeared" publications must be submitted by using a template or through import.

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