Remember to register your publications in Pure

Deadline for registering publications in Pure is January 15, 2020 and there is information related to the university's registration of publications that you need to be aware of.

2019.11.12 | Camilla Dissing

Wednesday January 15th, 2020 is last to submit publication that were published in 2019 to Pure. It is also last day to make relevant publications available as Open Access in Pure.

As researcher or administrative staff who register publications in Pure you need to check the following:

  • Have you registered all your publications in Pure?
  • Have information fields in Pure been completed for publications published in 2019?
  • Has the publication status changed for any of your publications since you registered them?
  • Are your publications assigned to the correct category ("Research", "Communication", "Commissioned", "Teaching")?
  • Is the ”peer review” flag set correctly?
  • Is the Open Access status correct for relevant publications?

AU key figures, BFI numbers and status in the Open Access Indicator are based on validated data from Pure. It is necessary that the deadline is observed. AU Pure cannot guarantee that publications submitted after deadline will be validated in time and be included in AU counts.

AU Key Figures

At the beginning of March, AU receives research-output figures from Pure. The figures include the number of publications registered in Pure and are published in 2019. The numbers are included in parts of the university's annual report.

Open Access

Early March 2020 the number of publications that were published in 2018 and their Open Access status are collected for the Danish Open Access Indicator. Therefore, you need to verify that the Open Access status for relevant publication is correct. You may also review publications published in 2019 so you have everything updated. Upload the accepted manuscript if you have the publisher's permission to publish i it. If you are in any doubt about how to handle Open Access information you can ask your contact person at AU Library. You can read more about Open Access here.

Den Bibliometriske Forskningsindikator (BFI)

The BFI is used to allocate new block grants amongst the Danish universities. Timely registration is therefore essential. In June 2020 publications published in 2019 are reported to BFI. You can read more about BFI on the website for Ministry of Higher Education and Science.