Talks and presentations

A talk, speech or similar contribution, that is an action, is registered as an activity. Under "Activities" you can select from several subcategories.

You can find "Lecture and oral contribution" as subtype to "Activities/Talk or presentation".

Overview of categories and subcategories

Event place and title

Start by adding the event or organisation where the lecture was given. Search for the name of the event or organisation before you add a new one.

Next, fill in the title of the lecture, talk etc. I the description field you can provide details about the content of the lecture or in which context it was given.

Fields for event name and description
Search and select event or organisation

Date og period

You may either specify a specific date or a period for when the lecture was given.

Degree of recognition

Select from the drop-down list the degree in a geographical sense in which the lecture was recognised.

Fields for filling in dates or period
Drop-dwon list choices for geographical areas


You add persons who have had some kind of role during the lecture, including yourself, under "Persons". Then you add an internal person the activity, the activity shows up on that person's personal AU homepage. Therefore, it is a good idea only to do this if it is agreed. Other users may have created the activity already without adding your name.

Details about person

Managing organisation

The managing organisation is the organisational unit that is responsible for the record in Pure. Most often, this will be your own organisation if you are the person who gave the speech or lecture.

Search and select administrating organisation

Documents and links

In this section you can add documents and links. This could be a link to information about the event, a link to a video, or a file or illustration from the speech.

Option to add a document or links


You can add keywords to make it easier to find your content in a search. There are already many keywords in Pure to choose from. Search the list to find appropriate keywords.

how to search for and select keywords from list


You can use the buttons under "Relations" to tie your activity to other content that exists in Pure. This way, you can show how different pieces of content are related.

Buttons to relate content