Conference contributions

Conference contributions can be both publications or activities. You can, therefore, register both your written contributions (e.g. conference articles, papers, abstracts and posters), as publications, as well as your oral contributions and other forms of participation, as activities.

Here are the different options:

Published conference abstracts and posters are registered via one of the three relevant templates: 'Conference abstract in journal', 'Conference abstract in proceedings' or 'Conference abstract for Conference'

When you want to register a conference paper you should be particularly aware if your paper is published as:

A. a contribution to the journal/conference article in a journal.

B.  a contribution to proceedings.

C. 'only' published on the conference web page, etc., or only available because you have uploaded it (legally) in full text? - i.e., it is not published as either A or B.

You must select the appropriate template depending on whether the answer is A, B or C.

Publication Types A and B both contribute points if the requirements for peer review and publication channel in one of the authority lists are fulfilled. Therefore, it is important to:

  • assign journal/publisher from the 'central database'
  • add an event/conference under 'Events'
  • add a 'BFI conference series' - click on the icon and search (it may be a good idea to check with the authority list to ensure that the correct conference series is assigned as the exact formation of the name can vary)
  • add a 'book series' if proceedings are published in such a format - book series can also contribute to points (here you can again usefully consult the authority list for the series)

In addition, alongside all conference contributions you should enter the conference name in the field 'Add event' and you may also like to add a URL to the conference’s website and possibly a DOI (use the ’Upload an electronic (full-text) version’ field.

You are welcome to upload the actual publication ’Upload an electronic (full-text) version’ - but remember to state the correct document version and the correct access to the publication (depending on the rights you have to the publication and thus your ability to make it public/not public – also, consider here if your paper is still in development for a possible later release). Read more about ' Electronic access to your publication and Open Access’.

Please also refer to Participation in conference or event if you want to register your participation in the event itself.