Author Collaboration

On some publications, the list of authors includes a group of authors and researchers for example a consortium, committee, or study.

A researcher who is a member of an author collaboration group would likely want the publication to appear on his/her personal AU homepage. Departments and departments may also be interested in listing these publications on their AU-pages.

You have to treat the list of authors a little bit differently to have these publications display on the correct homepages. See the section "Creating Author Collaboration" below.

Add Author Collaboration

To add an author collaboration, click the "Add Author Collaboration" button under Authors and Affiliations.

Then, search for the name of the author collaboration, or create a new one, if it does not already exist in Pure.

Afterwards, you add the AU authors in the collaboration group as you normally add authors. The value in the role field is automatically set to "Author". You need to change this value to "Member of author collaboration".

Set the visibility of the author to "hidden". This way the author is hidden in the author list on the publication. Because the author affiliation is only invisible, but still active, the publication is displayed on all relevant AU homepages.

You end up with a list similar to the one in the example.

Continue to add the AU authors who are listed in the author collaboration. Do not add authors in the author collaboration who belong to institutions other than AU.

Example of display on homepage

This publication has three AU researchers in the IeDEA West Africa Collaboration. None of the three researchers are directly affiliated as authors on the publication.

To have the publication displayed on the researchers' personal AU homepages, each author is added together with their relevant organizational unit. Then, the authors are set to "hidden" in Pure, so only the author collaboration group is visible.

This way, the publication is listed on both the department's and the authors' personal AU homepages.