Purpose of quality assurance

The purpose of the quality assurance policy is to establish a common set of core values for quality assurance within the field of education for the entire university and across the different levels and main academic areas.

The quality assurance policy contains both the university’s overall vision for education and learning, including principles for quality assurance, as well as a number of objectives for this work. The quality assurance policy must support Aarhus University's strategy in the field of education and also contribute to quality assure and further develop the degree programmes at Aarhus University.

The quality assurance system must provide documentation for Aarhus University's educational activities. It must also contribute towards enabling the study programme directors and the boards of studies make decisions based on a sound basis with a view to further developing the quality of the university's degree programmes.

Quality assurance is defined as the total of all activities and methods aimed at systematically and purposefully developing and documenting the quality of the university’s efforts in the field of education.