News from the senior management team no. 7/2020

Information about the coronavirus outbreak for AU staff and students

Aarhus University has set up a coronavirus information page. On this page, students, staff, guests and partner institutions can find answers to their questions about precautions and recommendations at Aarhus University. The page will be updated regularly.

A common quota 2 test will improve the admission system

In a joint article in Altinget this week, Bente Stallknecht, pro-rector at the University of Copenhagen, and Berit Eika, pro-rector at AU, propose a common entrance examination to make the quota 2 application procedure more manageable. According to the two pro-rectors, simplifying the quota 2 system will firstly help applicants in purely practical terms, and, secondly, it may take off some of the pressure to get good grades in quota 1. They believe that the mark-based admission criteria in quota 1 has, unjustifiably, earned a bad reputation, and that part of the reason for this is that quota 2 does not live up to its potential.   

Thousands of young people attended u-days education fair 

Thousands of young people visited Aarhus University last week when all institutions of higher education in Aarhus opened their doors to this year’s big open house event, u-days. The total number of visitors has not yet been announced, but the education fair at Aarhus University on Saturday alone attracted around 1,600 visitors. 

U-days took place from 27-29 February, and over the three days, students, supervisors and alumni were ready to help the many visitors who came to find inspiration to make the right choice of study. A general theme for this year’s guidance was to help young people understand that their doubts and insecurities are just part of student life, and that there is no one path, but many, to a good and exciting career. 

Figures show that three out of four students find the u-days help them choose their study programmes.

AU to promote female role models in research

Work to ensure a better gender balance at Aarhus University has revealed a need for more female role models among researchers. In one of the research projects supported by AU’s Committee for Research and External Cooperation in 2018, AU’s Junior Researcher Association pointed to the lack of female researchers who stand out as visible role models at AU.

In a new podcast series named #DiversityAU, five female researchers talk about their careers in academia.

Want to become an academic mentor or mentee?

Do you want to help a talented colleague make the most of their potential? Or are you interested in getting advice from an experienced colleague who can help steer your research career in the right direction? Then become a mentor or mentee in AU’s mentorship programme Empower Talent! The deadline for registration is 23 April 2020.