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90th anniversary celebration in the University Park

This year, Aarhus University is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The occasion will be marked by a big party in the University Park on 21 September, where all students and staff members are invited. The hosts are the Student Council, AU Sport and Aarhus University.

Denmark’s biggest Friday bar just got even bigger. Because this year, all AU employees are encouraged to drop by so that we can all celebrate the anniversary together. So take your office mate along and experience the festive atmosphere in the University Park with live concerts, food stands and bars – and lots of different activities.

Near the Department of Physics (building 1520-1525), there will also be a lounge area where musicians from the Academy of Music will be playing jazz and blues. This will give you the opportunity to hang out with your colleagues in surroundings that are a little more quiet, and in the near-by bar, the senior management team will be pouring the pints.

The celebration in the University Park is part of Denmark’s biggest Friday bar and Sports day which will begin in the morning with different sports activities. The 90th anniversary celebration will end at 24:00.

The event is free of charge. 

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There will be a number of food stands at the 90th anniversary celebration offering you exciting food experiences.
The blue stage, which is the smallest stage,will be located next to the Chemistry Cafeteria. Here you’ll experience a big handful of artists, upcoming bands and DJs.
The ‘merger party’ in 2011 was the last time there was a big party in the University Park for both staff and students.
The red stage will be the biggest stage in the park, and this is where the big names will be playing. This stage will be located next to Kaserneboulevarden
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