The winner of the 2021 Victor Albeck Award

Professor Isabelle Torrance

Isabelle Torrance began her research career at Aarhus University with a three-year fellowship at AIAS, which has had great success with attracting highly qualified international researchers. Subsequently she took a position at AU as as a professor at the English department, where she has founded the research centre Classical Influences and Irish Culture, which is funded by by an ERC grant she won while at AIAS. Isabelle Torrance’s research group is exploring how classical literature is appropriated in Ireland and linked to contemporary conflicts; her theoretical approach includes post-colonial, multi-linguistic and feminist angles. Part of the project involves building a database that enables new, interdisciplinary research within classical and modern literature. In doing so, Isabelle Torrance is contributing to the development of a new research area: classical reception studies.

Professor Isabelle Torrance was trained as a classical philologist and combines the philological tradition with research into the role played by the classical culture of Antiquity in modern European history.

Isabelle Torrance is an original and productive researcher who has already published seven books and a number of articles. Her ability to create synergy between classical studies and modern history also makes her a sought-after speaker, both in international academic circles and for the the general public. 

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