Honorary doctorate 2019: Professor Linda Argote

Professor Linda Argote is the world's leading scholar in the field of organisational learning, innovation, and knowledge transfer. Linda Argote's research focuses on organisational learning with a specific focus on group learning and knowledge transfer across group members and groups. Linda Argote currently serves as director of the Center for Organizational Learning, Innovation and Knowledge; a research center that focuses on identifying factors that facilitate or impede learning and innovation in groups and organisations.

Professor Argote was part of the UNIK-project MINDLab at Aarhus University, where she was part of the Organizations group. She was a visiting professor at Aarhus School of Business in 2010. The group of researchers in the MINDLab Organizations group devised the first laboratory experiments enabling a psychophysiological measurement of team emotions and how team emotions influence organisational decision making and team performance. Their work was published in the Strategic Management Journal in 2016. Linda Argote has also visited Aarhus University for shorter visits before and after her longer research stay in 2010.

Linda Argote is an inspiration and role model for many young as well as established scholars. She has a truly impressive list of publications within the area of organisational behaviour and theory.

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