Sir Gregory Winter

Sir Gregory Winter of Trinity College in Cambridge has been appointed honorary doctor at Aarhus University on the recommendation of Science and Technology. He is renowned world-wide for his work, which has paved the way for a number of modern-day medical treatments involving human antibodies.

Sir Gregory Winter's contribution to science in general, and especially the development of therapeutic substances, is truly exceptional. He has done pioneering work on therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, and among his achievements is the development of techniques for creating human antibodies for medical treatment. In recent years, the field of bio-pharmaceutical preparations has seen explosive global growth, with market value topping USD 63 billion in 2013. Many of the preparations available in the market today are based on Sir Gregory's research and pioneering work.

His ground-breaking work with human antibodies has laid the foundations for many modern-day medical treatments, and his research has brought huge benefits to society. He is the founder of several successful biotech companies, including Cambridge Antibody Technology (1989), Domantis (2000) and Bicycle Therapeutics (2009).      

In addition to his extraordinary contribution to basic research and the implementation of research results for the benefit of society at large, he is also the author of a vast number of scientific publications. This is reflected in his h-index of 74 and more than 21,400 citations.

Over the years, Winter has won numerous international prizes and honorary awards and has visited Aarhus University several times. For example, in 2011 he gave a lecture at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics on the 'antibody revolution'; he is also involved in collaboration with Aarhus University, including various EU projects and as the co-author of several publications together with researchers from Aarhus.



1976-1980:           PhD and postdoctoral work, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

1973:                    Trinity College, Cambridge (MA)


Positions in recent years

2012-:                   Master of Trinity College

2006-2011:            Deputy Director of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

1994-2008:            Head of the Division of Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry, LMB


Selected prizes and honorary awards

2006:      Fellow of Academy of Medical Sciences

2004:      National Biotechnology Ventures Award (USA)

1999:      Cancer Research Institute William B. Coley Award (USA)

1995:      King Faisal International Prize for Medicine (Molecular Immunology, Saudi Arabia )

1990:      Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS)

1989:      Prix Louis Jeantet de Medecine (Switzerland)

Sir Winter was knighted in 2004.