Registration for AU employees

The invitation for AU employees will be sent by email on 8 August. Please register by using the email link. Please note that if you are an AU employee and you have received the personal invitation by email on 7 August, you need to use the registration link from the personal invitation (and not the above-mentioned email link).

The ticket lottery opens on 8 August at 9.00, and the deadline for registration is 24 August 2023
The results of the lottery will be communicated by email in the first whole week of September. See invitation on the right side on this page.

Seats for employees (with a possible companion) at the ceremony in the Main Hall in the afternoon and at the Concert Hall Aarhus in the evening will be allocated proportionate to the number of employees at the five faculties and in the administration, so everyone has an equal chance of getting a ticket. The ticket lottery will be performed by KongresKompagniet.

In case you have not been assigned tickets after the ticket lottery, you will automatically be placed on a waiting list. If any seats in the Main Hall or at Concert Hall Aarhus become available, KongresKompaniet will contact the next person on the waiting list by email. Any returned tickets will be allocated on a daily basis until 12:00 on the day of the annual celebration.

The intention is to enable as many people as possible to attend the afternoon ceremony in the Main Hall and the evening event at Concert Hall Aarhus. For this reason, KongresKompagniet, who are responsible for the electronic distribution of the tickets, ask that all employees who will not be able to attend inform them of this as quickly as possible. This also applies after employees have already received tickets.

If you are unable to attend, please contact KongresKompagniet by mail ( Please include information from your ticket about your seat in Store Sal (entrance, row, seat). The same applies to the admission cards to the ceremony in the Main Hall. In this way, we can ensure that no tickets or admission cards go unused.

Note: Tickets and admission cards will be sent out electronically. Recipients can bring printed copies of their tickets and admission cards or have them ready for display on their mobile phone in order to be admitted.