Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II’s travel grant to students at Aarhus University 2021

Sara Cecilie Utvaag, Master’s student in archaeology, School of Culture and Society, Faculty of Arts

In her studies, Sara Cecilie Utvaag has excelled in museum work and archaeological fieldwork, with a high level of commitment. From 2017 to 2020, she was permanently affiliated with the Danish-Italian excavations in Francavilla Marittima in southern Italy and she participated in a survey in Palmi. The former was the starting point for her Bachelor's project, for which she gained top marks. She has also been a student teacher on the field course, on a course on information searches and on an introduction course to Greek archaeology.

In addition to study-related work at the Museum of Ancient Art and Gammel Estrup – The Danish Manor & Estate Museum, she has been affiliated with the Palmyra Portrait project, and she has contributed to the interdisciplinary scientific journal Agora. In her Master's thesis, Sara Cecilie Utvaag will study the antique reception in Denmark in the 18th century in collaboration with Gammel Estrup – The Danish Manor & Estate Museum, and the Danish Research Centre for Manorial Studies.

The Queen Margrethe II Travel Grant will enable Sara Cecilie Utvaag to study in Rome, where she can study relevant locations, and go on a longer study trip to the area around Vesuvius.

Anne Siri Snell, Master’s student in political science, Aarhus BSS

Anne Siri Snell has strong academic competencies in political science, and she is particularly interested in social-science methods (especially quantitative methods) and in studying public administration. She wrote her Bachelor's project, about balancing civil servants' norms with requirements to comply with political demands, on the basis of a quantitative analysis of job advertisements. Anne Siri Snell has combined her strong academic competences and interests with relevant study work for the Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership at Aarhus University and at the Administration and Services Agency of the Danish Ministry of Taxation. Besides her studies and study work, she has found time to be active in student politics.

With the Queen Margrethe II Travel Grant, Anne Siri Snell will be able to stay at the University of Texas at Austin; one of the world's best universities within political science.

Thomas Jensen, Master’s student in medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health

Thomas Jensen is a particularly talented young researcher in atrial fibrillation, and he published as the first author during his research year. Besides his research, Thomas Jensen is a volunteer in several university bodies, including vice-chair of the Board of Studies for Medicine, member responsible for Master's degrees on the board of the Danish Medicines Council and a member of the the degree programme council at the Department of Clinical Medicine. He has also developed and run one of Aarhus University's most popular online teaching tools at Medicine. He is now developing platforms for an international medical textbook, for teaching feedback, and for electrocardiograms for medical doctors and students.

Thomas Jensen will use the Queen Margrethe II Travel Grant for a stay at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, where he will continue his research into sudden death caused by atrial fibrillation.

Cathrine Abild Meyer, Master’s student in nanoscience, Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO), Faculty of Natural Sciences

Cathrine Abild Meyer is a promising research talent who earned top marks for her Bachelor's project at the Stadler Laboratory at iNANO. Her project was about the co-cultivation of artificial cells and liver cells to form bionic tissue. This was the first step towards an ERC Consolidator Grant for the unit.

After her Bachelor's programme, Cathrine Abild Meyer took a sabbatical year, during which she worked as a substitute teacher at Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus and travelled in South America. She has now started her Master's degree programme in nanomedicine. She plans to return to the Stadler Laboratory during her Master's project, which aims to combine artificial biology with neuroscience. Specifically, the goal is to design artificial organelles ("small organs" in cells) in collaboration with Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa in Portugal.

The Queen Margrethe II Travel Grant will make it possible for Cathrine Abild Meyer to stay at this particular university and it will be an important step in her career, either as a PhD student or in industry.

Frederik Giessing Nielsen, Master’s student in mechanical engineering, Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Faculty of Technical Sciences

Frederik Giessing Nielsen has strong academic competencies in the field of fluid mechanics; competences that enable him to help Danish industry to develop new, sustainable energy solutions. In connection with his Bachelor's project on the Mechanical Engineering programme, Frederik Giessing Nielsen completed an extremely successful project in collaboration with Grundfos to simulate the liquid in the company’s pumps using new computer models. Frederik Giessing Nielsen is now continuing his studies on the Mechanical Engineering programme, specialising in renewable energy and fluid mechanics. Frederik Giessing Nielsen has also demonstrated his prowess through his participation in AU Challenge 2020 – a case competition with focus on sustainability.

With the Queen Margrethe II Travel Grant, Frederik Giessing Nielsen will be able to study abroad at one of the best engineering universities in the United States.