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2019.11.01 | Fællesadministration

Phishing: Don’t be ashamed if you take the bait...

Phishing emails are becoming more and more sophisticated, both in terms of appearance and method, which poses a huge threat to our digital security and means we as individuals really have to stay on our toes. If you take the bait, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. The most important thing we can do is to to react quickly and be open about our…

2019.09.25 | Fællesadministration

Have you talked to your manager this year?

The strength of the university depends on its staff, and Staff Development Dialogues (SDDs) are the cornerstone to secure the continued development of the organisation. This autumn, it will again be time for one of the year’s most important dialogues at a workplace like ours, and I’d like to suggest that even more of us should have SDDs at AU.

2019.08.30 | Fællesadministration

Happy New Year!

Most of us have returned to our daily routines after the summer holidays now, and I hope that all of you have enjoyed your time off. You may find it a bit odd that I’m wishing you a happy New Year in the middle of a late summer heatwave. But in many ways, this is a new year we’re embarking on together, with new students, a new annual planning…

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