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On developments in the administration and the challenges
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2019.08.30 | Fællesadministration

Happy New Year!

Most of us have returned to our daily routines after the summer holidays now, and I hope that all of you have enjoyed your time off. You may find it a bit odd that I’m wishing you a happy New Year in the middle of a late summer heatwave. But in many ways, this is a new year we’re embarking on together, with new students, a new annual planning…

2019.06.28 | Fællesadministration

There’s a well-known Danish song that goes: “Oh Danish summer, I do love you, even though you so often have let me down.”

The song was written by Thøger Larsen in the 1920s, but its lyrics about this lovely time of year with its changeable weather are still relevant today. At AU, we know all about dealing with change as we have to adapt and adjust in order to keep up with new developments.

2019.05.24 | Fællesadministration

Digitisation initiative rolled out in the administration

In the administration, we’ve launched a couple of exciting projects as part of the implementation of the AU digitisation initiative. In this month’s blog post, I’d like to tell you about these two projects and remind you of some of my key messages in relation to the digitisation initiative and how this will affect you as employees.

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