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2020.06.29 | Fællesadministration

The coronavirus is pushing our working lives at AU in a new direction

In my last blog post, I encouraged you to share what lessons you think we should learn from the shutdown. Several of you did so – and this is valuable input to the senior management team that we’ll draw on in the ongoing process of developing AU as a workplace.

2020.05.27 | Fællesadministration

What lessons can we learn from the coronavirus shutdown?

Last week, the government finally made the announcement we’ve all been waiting for: the university can begin reopening their doors, and we can return to our offices. By the end of the week, most administrative employees will have been informed when they will be able to return by their immediate supervisor.

2020.04.28 | Fællesadministration

Gradual reopening of AU: How is this unfolding in the administration?

Last week, with the permission of the ministry, we were able to start a partial, limited reopening of some of the research laboratories at AU. And the senior management team is engaged in ongoing dialogue with the ministry about how the next phases of the reopening of the university are to proceed.

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