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2017.11.28 | Staff

We can create a good work environment together

We'll be starting work on the election of new occupational health and safety representatives in early De-cember. In this blog post, I'd like to emphasise the importance of us all working together to create a good work environment within the administration – and encourage you to consider whether you'd like to stand for election.

2017.10.30 | Staff

How can we improve our digital literacy in the administration?

AU’s increasing digitisation will affect all parts of the university – research, education and administration. As a consequence, one of my major concerns right now is what the administration needs to do to develop its competencies and culture in response to this development. I would like to share my current thinking on this issue in this month’s…

2017.10.03 | Staff

A smaller administration with larger ambitions

When we reduce costs in the administration, our ambition for the future is naturally not just to perform the same work with fewer man hours. We must continue to develop the administration and prioritise which tasks we perform and how. In this month’s post, I would like to follow up on my previous posts about the development of the administration.…

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